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Intex Ocean Reef Pool 1.91m x 1.78m x 61cm IT 56493NP
Price RM149.00 RM209.00
Product SKU 56493
Brand Intex
Size (L x W x H) 41 cm x 36 cm x 10 cm
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- Estimated Pool Size: 1.91m x 1.78m x 61cm

- Water Capacity: 510L

- Folds compactly for travelling or storage

- Repair patch included

- Good product quality

- Packaging Size(cm): 41x36x10

- Weight: 4.8kg


The pool is advised to be placed on flat surface, do not place the pool on slope. Before using the pool, make sure the floor is swiped and wiped clean. Double check the surface to make sure don’t have any sand or stone. Spread a piece of cloth on top of the surface before placing the pool. (The pool will be heavy after adding water. Tiny and sharp objects can easily damage the pool.) After using a period of time if there is a hole that causing leakage. Don't panic, there are a few leak-proof stickers in the package. After finding the leaking hole, you can solve the problem by attaching the sticker to the leaking part.